Memory Training Relieves ADHD Symptoms

ADHD by the numbers

Memory Training Program Helps Relieve Some ADHD Symptoms in Children A 5 week intensive memory training program has potential in relieving a number of ADHD symptoms in children. Significant changes for individuals who finished the program were seen in areas ...

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What Is Autism


What Is Autism Infographic Research indicates that 2 commonly available supplements can be effective for the treatment of biochemical function abnormalities often experienced by individuals who have autism. Abnormalities in critical biochemical functions which help in maintaining health – specifically ...

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Health Benefits Of Wine


If you're a wine drinker, you've likely been witness to the major debate that is seemingly without end: is wine good for your health or bad? The following infographic sheds some light on the latest developments.

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A Cup Of Tea?


According to research, regular green tea consumption may protect the brain from Alzheimer’s as well as other kinds of dementia.

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How Much Sugar Does Your Drink Contain?


The massive size of new coffee and also energy drinks increases consumers’ likelihood of unhealthy calorie and sugar intake. A ‘Trenta’-sized Starbuck’s lemonade can consist of 21 teaspoons of sugar, a lot more than ought to be consumed at once, or even in a day.

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